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Bijoux Indiscrets | Exclusive Intimate Products | Australia & New Zealand

We proudly distribute Bijoux Indiscrets products to customer and retailers throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Bijoux Indiscrets, where love and passion meet

Love and passion are the beginning and cause of everything, or as we like to say: Love makes the world go round, passion shakes it up.

Love and passion go hand in hand, making it very difficult to dissociate them. If love is necessary to our life, passion is indispensable. Love gives meaning to what we do, inspires us to keep going, makes us strong and vulnerable; passion is the spirit that emerges from within that makes us throw ourselves wholly into the jobs and activities that we like, and passion indisputably takes on a special dimension when it arises in our private lives, becoming the intangible support of our relationships with our partners. Bijoux Indiscrets is the place where love and passion meet.

These two vital forces permeate the core of the brand, resulting in unique accessories and cosmetics in which romance and eroticism coexist in perfect harmony for the delight of lovers.

Accessories of Passion